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Server Protection

Sophos Central Server Protection
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  1. Server Protection

    Sophos - Server Protection Enterprise (On premise)


    Defend your data from malware without sacrificing server performance. Sophos Server Protection protects your server environment from malicious attacks while keeping your servers running at optimum performance. Designed to secure business- critical servers, Sophos Server Protection includes server application whitelisting, advanced anti-malware, and behavior analysis. It’s server security made simple, providing protection for your Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems, whether you’re running physical or virtualized servers, on premise, or in the cloud, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure.


    • Protects Windows, Linux, and UNIX systems with minimal resource use
    • Protects against ransomware running locally or remotely
    • Synchronized Security with Destination Heartbeat
    • Protects and manage server policies for auto- scaling groups in AWS
    • Protects server images in Azure
    • Server Lockdown with application whitelisting
    • Advanced, policy-based rules
    • Simplified management from the cloud or an on-premise console

    แบบ VM

    Sophos - Server Protection for Virtualization, Windows and Linux (On premise)

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